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Our insane health-care system: free health care in prison, nothing afterward
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One of the first people I met at Yale was Dr. Frederick Altice, who provided care to HIV-infected prisoners and drug users at the community health-care van, a needle-exchange-based health ...

Inmate intake center becomes focus in Illinois’ prison crowding dispute
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Inside what could be Illinois’ most important correctional facility — its main inmate intake center — hundreds of newly convicted prisoners are sleeping in a gym, a health-care unit, converted ...

Greek prison system collapsing, labelled ‘inhuman’
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Athens: More than 30 men were crammed into the cell, locked up night and day for weeks or months. Without enough bunks, many slept on the floor. The windows were ...

Police investigate death of inmate at York County Prison
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An inmate found dead in his cell at York County Prison on Tuesday was being held here on an unresolved homicide charge at the order of a Dauphin County judge.Court ...

Donated toys at San Quentin State Prison confiscated from visiting children
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Family members of incarcerated men at San Quentin State Prison expressed frustration this week after some toys donated for distribution to visiting children were confiscated by correctional officers. Every year ...

Notorious Belgian murderer dies in prison
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Belgian prison administration said the 86-year-old died during the night of Sunday to Monday. They did not specify the cause. Pandy’s crimes, discovered in the 1990s, horrified Belgium. Pandy’s daughter, ...

California Prison Reform: Assessing Realignment
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In California, the prison reform issue has not reached a unified frame that can be coupled with a solution. There is only one alternative for California, that is its obligation ...

Cuts to prison riot squads a ‘tragedy waiting to happen ‘, says Labour
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Funding cuts to so-called prison riot squads are putting their safety at risk along with that of inmates and jail staff, Labour has claimed.The rise in the number of disturbances ...

Church group reaches out to inmates ‘ children
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Derek Crosby’s four children ranged in age from 2 months to 4 years when he was sent to prison for murder. While they often talk on the phone, he doesn’t ...

Female case worker assaulted in Lexington prison
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A female case manager at the Joseph Harp Correctional Center in Lexington was assaulted by an inmate Friday, resulting in a broken nose. After an inmate was released from the ...

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