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2 political prisoners of Tabriz set free
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Hasan Haji-Abulolov, known as Hasan Ark and Ibrahim Dashti were arrested 40 days ago. Being political and cultural activist the two Azerbaijanis were released on bail till the trial for ...

Overcrowding burdens local jails’, detention center’s budgets
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Overcrowding has complicated two local jails’ budgets as administrators have tried to find ways to control costs while keeping staff and inmates safe in their crowded facilities.Virginia spent $798 million ...

County jails will no longer be reimbursed to house state prisoners
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State budget cuts are also affecting county jails now that they won’t be reimbursed by the state for housing state prisoners. County Jail Reimbursement Program funding was vetoed by Governor ...

Handcuffing the flu tough in jails
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Many local jails are taking precautions against a possible outbreak of H1N1 influenza, but shifting populations make the task difficult.Safeguarding workplaces and schools against outbreaks is fairly straightforward because employees ...

Ten months jails for man who grew 387 cannabis plants
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A Margaret River man who pleaded guilty to growing 387 cannabis plants could walk free in less than a year, after his lawyer argued his drug dealing was not for ...

Japan Pledges More Aid to Burma if Political Prisoners are Released
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Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has urged Burma to release detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi before next year’s election, saying Tokyo is willing to provide more aid if ...

A different life for a moment for 34 prisoners
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It was altogether a different day than the daily routine life for 34 prisoners of the Baripada Circle Jail when they visited the ‘Jagadhatri Mela’ at Bhanjpur.The prisoners made an ...

US Supreme Court to examine life behind bars for juveniles
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The US Supreme Court will Monday wrestle with the merits of convicting juveniles who have not committed murder to life in prison without the possibility of parole – a fate ...

Taliban prisoners on hunger strike in Kandahar
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About 350 Taliban prisoners are on a hunger strike at a prison in Kandahar and a delegation from the Ministry of Justice is going to the lockup in southern Afghanistan ...

2 prisons for lifers to build in Kyrgyzstan
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Two prisons are planned to be built for convicts sentenced to life imprisonment in Kyrgyzstan, while, one of them is in center of Naryn city, and fraction of Kyrgyzstan Parliament ...

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